Presenting Intensive Planning Results to Ron Walker

Showing the Intensive Planning Results to Ron Walker
Taking the Plan to Kroger – Ron Walker
Both Ron Walker, now Corporate Controller of Kroger and Ron Adams, CFO of SuperX, were interested in what we had come up with. Independently we invited each to come down to offices in the IBM Education center in downtown Cincinnati to see what we had done.
Ron Walker was the toughest and likely the best customer I ever called on. He maintained a very professional relationship, never accepted gifts or lunches although he would take the IBM team to lunch at the more sophisticated Cincinnati Clubs. On separate occasions, Ron took the IBM sales team to the Queen City Club, frequented by Procter & Gamble executives, and to the Cincinnati Club. He would spend time explaining things to vendors, and expected only honest representations, candor, and integrity in return.
For this meeting Ron met us at IBM’s new Education Center in downtown Cincinnati. He listened to everything and agreed with our problem statements, but much of our plan for Kroger Food Stores centered on an unannounced and unavailable product concept. I remember at one point in the discussion, Ron commented, “you need to learn more about how Gromarco accounting works.” I think I simply replied, “OK” or “Yes.” not wanting to appear too uninformed.
When I subsequently searched accounting books for Gromarco, I found nothing. I didn’t have a personal CPA at the time, but considered hiring one. No one in IBM was familiar with the term. About a year later while researching some companies for my own investing purposes, I stumbled on an entry identifying a Gromarco
Corporation, a company with stock owned by Kroger executives for the purpose of investing in buildings to lease to Kroger for grocery stores.